The Not-So-Secret Garden

Bus Roots brings nature to the tops of buses

Apr 16, 2012

The bus of the future. (Image from Bus Roots)

Buses are usually linked with fumes, dirt and air pollution, so any initiative that manages to greenify them is a welcome surprise. Bus Roots - a project that aims to turn top of buses into lush gardens on wheels - is one such surprise.
The garden bus, presently only a prototype, has been making its way through six major American cities and all five Manhattan boroughs. The brainchild of Marco Castro Cosio and also a first runner up in the Designwala Grand Idea Competition, the purpose of Bus Roots is to beautify the urban grit and to create more green spaces. These mobile gardens will not only be pretty to look at, but have the potential to grow food and provide environmental benefits such as the reduction of CO2 emissions.
Bus Roots estimates that if 4,500 buses in Manhattan installed a roof garden, there would be thirty-five acres of nomadic green space, or the equivalent of four Bryant Parks in New York City.
[Source: Bus Roots]

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