Straw Power

Water purifying straws that save lives

Children from Kenya.

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Opening the kitchen tap to pour a glass of drinkable water is not a luxury that everyone in the world enjoys. According to UNICEF, 783 million people globally live without access to potable water.
Two organizations have heeded the call to provide clean water, by designing a portable drinking straw that filters dirty H20 and makes it safe to drink.
LifeStraw, created by the humanitarian company Vestergaard Frandsen, can be used to drink up to 1,000 liters and effectively eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and parasites responsible for causing deadly diarrhoeal diseases. The nonprofit WaterisLife has a similar product, aptly called The Straw, which lasts up to a year and removes waterborne diseases with each sip.
Both life-improving straws are practical, economical and reinforce the notion that small creations can have a huge impact. [Sources: Vestergaard Frandsen and WaterisLife]

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