Craigslist, the Good-Doers Version

Turning second-hand items into charity

Vintage stuff.

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Conventional wisdom has it that we use 20% of what we own 80% of the time. In other words, hyper consumerism equals a slew of items strewn around the average American house, literally untouched.
WebThriftStore aspires to turn all this cashable clutter into charity. Something of a marriage between Craigslist and Causes, WebThriftStore is a marketplace for second hand items, where sales proceeds go into the charity of your choice (minus 20% of the sale, which is paid to WebThriftStore).
The platform, currently in seed stage, not only provides media space for good-doing sellers, but also manages all the logistics involved - from shipping to purchasing guarantees.
That's good market-ing! [Source: WebThriftStore]

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