The 1-Minute Test of Global Food Knowledge

The game that will get you thinking


Food around the globe.

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Did you know that Russia is the biggest producer of raspberries in the world? Or that 2013 marks the international year of quinoa? These facts and more are part of The Guardian’s Global Development Interactive Food Game that questions your knowledge on how well you know the world via food.
With the clock ticking away, you have to think on your feet to guess which countries are the top three producers for a single food commodity, or answer a challenging question with only pictures provided as answers.  The second round addresses a more pressing issue - global undernourishment by country.
While the format is fun and entertaining, the Global Development Food Game goes well beyond pure pleasure: it is full of important information that sheds light on where food is produced and who has access to it – serving as an interactive way to become more aware of the world we live in.

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