Earth Day Special: A Portrait of Humanity

One Day on Earth screened today


One Earth on Day movie poster.

As Earth Day 2012 unrolls, we’re getting giddy for One Day on Earth, a feature length documentary that sheds a unique light on what it means to be living in the world right not.
The motion picture, which will be screened for free today in over 160 countries, captures live footage created by no less than 19,000 filmmakers - amateurs and professionals - in all corners of the world in just one day: October 10, 2010.
Spearheaded by Kyle Ruddick and Brandon Litman, the project was made possible by the founders' donation of video cameras to nearly 100 UN offices across the world, and the logistical involvement of the UN (which will continue at least until 2015).
To judge by the trailer, the movie includes impactful footage that display the human experience at its strongest - and sheds lights on countries and cultures that are far and beyond. The press release states that "from the birth of a newborn in Mongolia to a woman who collects clocks in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro... The film fluidly links how crises confronting the world – from the water shortage to poverty – connects us all and offers rarely seen images from life in North Korea, Iran, and Kosovo." [Source:]

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