Dead Phones Save Lives

Hope Phones turns old devices into meaningful causes

Apr 25, 2012

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Got a dozen working and semi working old phones tossed in the back of cluttered drawers? Or used as toys by your toddler? Hope Phones will turn these old devices into a meaningful cause.
Hope Phones calls for donations of phones - functioning or not - while also providing for shipping and collection supplies. The donated devices are recycled or refurbished, and the cash value is driven towards funding mobile technology for a variety of causes, primarily for communities in need in far-flung, poverty-stricken regions.
The innovative service teams up with other organizations and non-profits, such as Every Mother Counts - an avid promoter of of maternal mortality reduction around the world that was founded by Christy Turlington Burns; EMC and Hope Phones have collaborated in the goal of recycling 10,000 mobile phones for maternal care sites in Nepal and in the Congo.
Which sounds like a perfectly smart solution for all the smartphones you no longer use.  
[Source: Hope Phones]

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