Ivy League Courses in a Click

Coursera offers free classes to the masses

Online learning.

(Gorodenkoff / shutterstock.com)

We talked before about the growing phenomenon of free education outlets, a trend that is fueled by the power of the web. Yet another example of this trend is Coursera, an impressive initiative in both mission and execution.
An organization that strives to make education accessible to anyone, Coursera offers free courses online from world class universities, including Stanford and the University of Michigan. Courses run the gamut from of-the-moment topics, such as Social Network Analysis, to age-old classics, such as Greek and Roman Mythology. Lectures are formatted into a series of 15-minute-long clips, which students can watch at their convenience and in their own time. [Source:  Coursera]

To cut to the chase go here: coursera.org

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