Plant Ahead

A Gardening App for Flower Power

(Alison Hancock /

Whether you’re a zealous gardener or a newbie in the field, Garden Plan Pro is your digital companion to your homemade, well-groomed - and tended - veggie garden. At $9.99, it’s on the pricey shelves of AppStore, yet its smattering of features for gardening needs is impressive.
The app allows you to plan your garden - of any size and any shape. It helps you decide on the crops, care for them as needed, and gives you advice regarding temperature and watering. It will send you reminders and even allow for personal advice via email about any gardening conundrums you might face. Minded to geography, climate and what seems like every type of herb, fruit of vegetable on earth, the pros at Garden Plan Pro claim that they “understand plants”. Sounds like a life-saver for those dying tomatoes, huh?