Creating a Million Jobs - a Vision, Not a Dream

The Adventure Project is a poverty fixer

A family in Botswana.

(Lucian Coman /

The Adventure Project is a non profit with a flair for focus: every quarter the organization chooses one humanitarian cause that affects global poverty, which receives all of its zealous attention. Aiming to "end extreme poverty by creating one million jobs in developing countries within the next ten years," Adventure Project's mission is ambitious. Yet step by step they are proving that creating a million jobs is not a dream; it's a vision.
Having seen inspiring success with several of their ventures, Adventure Project is powered by a team of ambitious good-doers, spearheaded by founders Rebecca Straw and Jody Landers. They are joined by a tribe that welcomes anyone who's committed to fighting global poverty through innovation, and together they promote compelling projects - such as the one aimed at training women to become health care practitioners in Uganda.  [Source: The Adventure Project]

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