History Meets Technology

An interactive website delves into the concept of freedom


Image: Panel from Diego Rivera's mural, depicting the conflict over slavery, from Kheel Center, Cornell University on Flickr

In light of the prevalence of digital sources of information, such as YouTube and Facebook, it's astounding that history is still studied in textbooks; The Knotted Line relocates history study to the web and does it with impact and beauty.
The website, an educational source for students and educators, explores the relationship between freedom and confinement in the US from 1495 all the way to a hypothetical future in 2025. At the core of this app is a looping timeline interspersed with illustrative artworks and informative text. Suggested questions pop up and serve as trigger for classroom dialogue or online conversation.
Designer and artist Evan Bissell masterminded this website and wrote the texts, while designer and programmer Erik Loyer created the playful interface. [Source: The Knotted Line]

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To cut to the chase, go here: knottedline.com

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