Farm Life in the Urban Grit

The Urban Homestead is proof that city dwellers can also be farmers

Organic farm.

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The Dervaes family are no ordinary people: from their farm in California's Pasadena, The Urban Homestead, they live a self-sufficient life to the fullest, and boy, do they take this mission seriously.
The organic city farm— complete with ducks, chickens and goats— is a model for sustainable agriculture in the most unexpected of places, yielding a whopping 6,000 pounds organic produce annually, including 350 different herbs, fruits and vegetables. In fact, the Dervaeses are so wholeheartedly committed to minimizing their carbon footprint, that they even brew their own bio diesel.
Selling produce through the Dervaes Gardens, the farm mostly caters to local restaurants and food businesses.  [Source: The Urban Homestead ]

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