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Open Culture is One Cool School

Jan 26, 2012

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A staggering collection of 400 courses, online, for free, awaits in Open Culture.
We frankly believe no more words are needed to explain how awesome and inspiring this is. But just in case we have to tease your educational beast just a tad more, we'll tell you this:
Open Culture offers online courses by leading professors from Ivy League universities, such as Stanford, UCLA, Columbia and Oxford University. Topics run the gamut from Masterpieces in Western Art to Exploring Black Holes. Open Culture also lets you watch, for free, classics and indie films, including many from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Once you’re done with your schooling and film watching, you’re welcome to drop by the Cultural Icons section and watch Woody Allen hosting Reverend Billy Graham or U2’s Bono talking to UPenn graduates.
It’s all free and goes a long way in making education and knowledge available to anyone with access to a computer.