Poetry at Your Doorstep

Postcard Poets delivers lovely rhymes to your mailbox

A young man writing a poem.

(shepele4ek2304 / shutterstock.com)

Poetry delivered by post seems like a notion of a bygone era, but the folks at PostCard Poets have made this a 21st century practice. Customers can subscribe to one of three curators who represent a different theme: the lover, the existentialist and the dreamer. After picking a theme, you select the amount of poems you would like to receive monthly. If you are feeling romantic, you can even send poetry as a gift.
Postcard Poets is a modern shout-out to poets of the past while giving new ones on the scene a chance to get their work out in the world. Just think what a welcome change it would be to open your mailbox and instead of only bills, you receive the sweet words of Pablo Neruda.

To cut straight to the poetic chase, go to: postcardpoets.com

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