Krrb Unveils 8 Tips to Greenify Your Business

Local sellers practice global sustainability

May 14, 2012

Image by Rick E Dick on Flickr

Krrb, an online platform for selling, buying and meeting people from your community, is driven by a passionate neighborly feel, which is definitely present in the company's blog - a treasure trove of inspiring vignettes.
This blog post, which lays out 8 tips to greenify your business, is a collection of self-practiced environmental wisdoms. 
Here are 3 that we especially like: 

CUT YOUR COMMUTE. Consider walking or riding the bike to work.
CUT DOWN ON PAPER. Don't print; when you do print - use recycled paper.
REUSE. Perhaps packaging materials can be reused, or maybe cans can make for pencil holders...

 Just in case it seems like a futile attempt, tune in to seller Clara Williams' encouraging words: 
“It’s important to remember that no one is perfect and even small changes can add up to significant eco-friendly practices.” [Source: Krrb]

To cut to the chase, go to:

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