The MOMA for Kids' Creations

DIY is a showcase for children's creativity


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Group of happy kids.

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DIY is an iPhone app that celebrates and empowers children's creativity. The app allows users - kids aged 6 and up - to share images of their art and inventions with friends and family and get encouraging feedback in the form of funky stickers.
The app is super sleek, with an exceptionally user-friendly interface perfectly geared towards young kids; after all, it was masterminded by co-founder of Vimeo Zach Klein (along with a team of web experts).
For parents who are distrustful of the digital sphere as a suitable playhouse for kids, Klein et al have made sure that parents are completely in the loop. Permission from a parent is mandatory to continue to explore the app, and parents must submit their emails and create profiles, enabling them to closely monitor their child's usage of DIY. [Source: DIY]

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