An App for Picky Eaters

LaLa Lunchox turns kids’ lunches into a game

Lunch box.

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Getting your kids to actually eat their lunch you so carefully prepare each morning is a challenging feat, especially if you are catering to picky eaters. LaLa Lunchbox comes to the rescue.
LaLa Lunchbox, an iPhone app, allows kids to customize their own lunches by choosing from four different food categories chock full of healthy options, which parents are free to add to or remove from. Packaged in a playful interface, kids will instantly fall in love with the super engaging app, while parents will be thankful for the neat feature that compiles all the lunch ingredients into a handy grocery list.
Inspired by a craft project that Gillian Fein did with her daughter, LaLa Lunchbox is not merely a nifty app for kids and their parents; it also involves children in structuring their meal plans and makes for an educational tool, teaching the little ones how to eat healthy. [Source: LaLa Lunchbox]

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