A 25-Year Reunion Made Possible by Google Earth

A man finds his way home [VIDEO]

Nov 7, 2013


A 25-Year Reunion Made Possible by Google Earth | A man finds his way home [VIDEO]

Google has made it possible to navigate under the sea and even shows how to win back an ex - but the next feat will blow your mind. Google Earth helped a man locate his long lost family after 25 years!
When Saroo Brierley was five years old, he was separated from his family at a bustling train station. Unable to find his way home, Brierley ended up in an Indian orphanage and was soon after adopted by an Australian family.
Using distant memories of his childhood and the assistance of Google Earth, Brierly reunited with his family in India after 25 long years. Brierly's story - also laid out in this Vanity Fair article - will tug at your heart. 

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