Long Live the Manatee!

Manatees thrive in a fun and funny website

May 23, 2012

Image: from the Calming Manatee website

Calming Manatee is one of those addictive websites that you just can't stop browsing: with every click, a different photo of a manatee - always cute and calming - comes on screen, armed with a motivating message. But while curiosity and cuteness are reasons to drop by, the protection of manatees is reason to stay.  
Calming Manatee was created for Save the Manatee, an organization dedicated to the protection of this species. You can get involved and take action with Save the Manatee, or you can simply submit your own manatee snapshot. Just make sure it's calming. [Source: Calming Manatee]

To cut to the chase, go to: calmingmanatee.com

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