Mind Your Manners

The Urban Etiquette Project brings civility back

May 24, 2012

Image from The Urban Etiquette website

In our fast-paced culture, civility has a tendency to fall to the wayside, making room for rude encounters and loud cell phone users. Toronto-based Christopher Rouleau was one person who saw a chance to improve social interactions with his brainchild, The Urban Etiquette Project
The endeavor comprises of free downloadable cards in English and French designed by Rouleau. Some of them address inconsiderate behavior ranging from slow walking on the street to forgetting pleases and thank yous. Others feature encouraging messages, such as “I noticed that you took the time to.... you just made things a little better.” [Source: The Urban Etiquette Project]

Get straight to good manners at: urbanetiquetteproject.blogspot.ca

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