Finding the Next Jeff Koons

Artists Wanted links between talent and audience

May 29, 2012

Image: from the Artists Wanted website

If you're a fledgling artist seeking recognition and an outlet to present your artworks, Artists Wanted may be your savior.
Spearheaded by William Etundi Jr., Artist Wanted serves as a digital platform that hosts artists' online portfolios for free, but the organization's true impact lies in its offline activities: aiming to connect artists with an international audience, Artists Wanted exposes new talent to avid collectors, secures grants and monetary prizes and creates art events and competitions.
One such exciting event is Art Takes Time Square - a collaboration of Artists Wanted and Chashama - to present artworks in a glorified setting, Manhattan's Times Square. Making art a tad more social and viral - and drawing the masses ever nearer to contemporary art, anyone can join in and be part of the judging team, with a click. [Source: Artists Wanted]

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