Introducing Guerilla Wayfinding

Walk Your City turns drivers into pedestrians

Pedestrian crossing.

(Varavin88 /

Walk Your City aims to get more people out of their cars and onto the streets - on foot.
Why do people avoid strolling their city streets? Founder Matt Tomasulo points out that wrong public perception of walking is discouraging, even intimidating: people tend to think that walking from one place to the next is more time consuming and much harder than it actually is.
Walk your City aims to fix that, by offering an open-source platform to create accurate wayfinding signs that will then be installed around town.
Replacing driving with walking and trading miles with minutes, Walk Your City was launched in Raleigh, NC, and plans are underway for expansion to other cities. The project has gone on Kickstarter, and so far over $11,000 were pledged for funding. [Source: Walk Your City]

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