3 Adult Sleepaway Camps to Reconnect to Your Best Self

Something to write home about.


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With the combined effects of modern technology trumping genuine social interactions and the eight-hour work day basically extinct, adults are hard-pressed to balance out overwhelming responsibilities with some fun once in awhile. So it's no surprise that sleepaway camps for adults have become a thing. Some have very strict 'no technology allowed' policies - so make sure you're ready to wholeheartedly part from your cell phone, computer and other devices.

These 'detox' camps present a new way to disconnect - literally and figuratively - for a day, a weekend, a week or even more, to reboot with hobbies, mindful 'quiet time', and of course, a bit of childhood nostalgia. Purposefully allowing yourself to go off the grid just may incite some life changes you never considered before - including the truest definition of being 'connected'. Here are a few camps to know.


Camp Grounded is the ultimate detox for tech addicts (even clocks and networking are prohibited). Campers, aged 18-75, trade WiFi for the great outdoors and screen time is shelved for all-out color wars, competitive rounds of capture the flag, archery and s'mores. If that weren't enough, stilt walking, pickling, lego-building and learning to play the ukulele are some of the workshops offered. Retreats take place over four-day stints across the US, including northern California, Texas, North Carolina and New York. Look forward to free time, writing love notes to your camp crush and sneaking out to stargaze until the sun comes up.


An hour outside of Toronto, Canada, in a pristine eco-lodge, Camp Reset's main goal is to help adults rediscover the glee of childhood playtime. Work talk is not allowed and campers are given nicknames from the get-go to shed their adultness - even for a few days. Cameras are also checked at the door; a way to get participants to be more present and create mental pictures and memories versus Insta-perfect selfies. From circus arts to meditative sounds baths, campers have a host of activities to choose from and no one will get in trouble for making too much noise after lights out.


With an added tinge of spiritual wellness, Soul Camp combines cozy cabins, fresh mountain air, a 24/7 canteen boasting kale chips and coconut water and activity-rich days ending in epic dance parties and bonfire singalongs. Campers can take part in fear-burning ceremonies and intuitive readings, as well as the 'Soulversations' inspiring talk series, which hosts world-renowned teachers, authors and overall inspiring individuals to share their personal stories, creating a dialogue of communication, mindfulness and living life to its fullest potential.