3 Companies With Outstanding Policies for Working Parents

Happy employees are the best employees


Cheerful young beautiful businesswoman looking at her baby girl with smile while sitting at her working place

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Going back to work after having a baby is always difficult and with insufficient maternity leave benefits, sometimes even outright impossible. Mothers need time to heal, physically, and emotionally. Working mothers are also often discriminated against on the job market – but these biased employers couldn't be more wrong.

According to Business Insider, "women are more likely to be loyal to employers who have empathy and respect for their responsibilities at home." If an employer is looking for hard-working, loyal employees, it would seem it is in their best interest to hire working mothers, and to treat women who take parental leave with respect.

To make the transition back to work easier, several companies have implemented groundbreaking policies, ranging from extended paid parental leave, to daycare in the office, all the way to "parenting in the workplace" policies.


Badger, an organic skincare company, has a "Babies at Work Program," and fifteen babies have already successfully "graduated" from this program. Before a parent begins bringing their baby to work, they meet with the company to outline expectations. The baby is allowed to come to work until they are six months old.

The company sees itself as "village," and other employees are happy to help out when a parent needs to go into a meeting. Don't worry, Badger's benefits don't only cover parents – they also offer "wellness" vouchers for their employees where they reimburse them for treatments and classes such as yoga, and they provide healthy organic lunches.


Latched Mama is a mother-owned small business that produces affordable nursing-wear. A video that recently went viral shows two mothers bouncing their babies in baby carriers on their backs while working. Any mom can see this video and immediately relate – moms have no choice but to multi-task in their everyday lives, and Latched Mama's owner and founder Melissa Wirt understands and respects that. Her brand is all about making life easier for moms, so taking it to the next level and making it easier for working moms is a great example of putting your money where your mouth is and being true to what you believe in.


Socially conscious outdoor company Patagonia has been making waves for years. It is no surprise to find out that they offer 16 weeks of paid leave for mothers and 12 weeks of paid leave for fathers and adoptive parents. In addition to this, they've offered on-site daycare since 1983! Parents can see their children during the workday, and mothers can continue to breastfeed. And guess what? 100% of mothers who work at Patagonia return to work. Patagonia's policies and programs are truly admirable and should be an example for all companies.

To learn more about implementing babies-at work-policies, visit the Parenting in the Workforce Institute. This inspirational organization assists companies in developing their own babies-at-work programs, helping them figure out what is best for them and their employees.