The 3 Sisters Who'll Make You Want to Help Too

US girls get shoes for Kenyan kids.

Children's shoes.

(Serhii Fedoruk /

Three inspiring youngsters - sisters Vienna, 13, Hayleigh, 13 and Sarah, 10 - have given themselves a noble mission: to provide shoes for over 1,200 Kenyan students.
The sisters started the project - dubbed Sole to Soul – after learning about a fire at a boy's school near Nairobi, which sent hundreds of students back to the slums. The girls saw pictures of children their age walking barefoot, or wearing plastic bottles as shoes, and decided to do something about it.
The threesome are taking donations – sometimes even going door-to-door - to achieve their goal of $30,000, as well as collecting second hand shoes in good condition, running stalls in public locations in their hometown of Nashua, New Hampshire, and saving up their own babysitting money. The Scott family is planning a trip to Kenya to deliver the shoes, which they'll buy in Kenya to support the local economy.
From the mouths of babes, indeed!