The First Zero Waste Supermarket

in.gredients is onto a new green trend

Vegetables and Fruits.

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Will the first package-free zero waste supermarket start a new trend for the future? This is what in.gredients is hoping for in Austin, Texas, with their store slated to open this summer.
Intending to sell organic, non-chemically treated food in bulk, in.gredients plans to work primarily with local farmers and vendors to offer fresh seasonal produce and other products, ranging from alcohol to household items.
But how will they not use any packaging? The in.gredients answer:precycling. Customers come to the supermarket with their own containers from home, which are weighed and labeled at the store. Next they fill up on what they need and pay accordingly. Certain perishable items will be packaged appropriately to ensure freshness, and in.gredients will also provide free, compostable containers for those who forgot theirs at home.
in.gredients sprung into action after realizing that 40% of packaging accounts for nearly 700,000 tons of garbage that pile into American landfills daily. Encouraging others to be part of the sustainable food revolution and reduce waste, in.gredients is looking to be more than a novelty: they hope to transform the way we shop for food. [Source: in.gredients]

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