A Social Enterprise Powered by Children's Books

Teach Twice builds much needed schools


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Ugandan boy.

(Adam Jan Figel / shutterstock.com)

Teach Twice has a special mission that is powered by... children's books.
The organization, founded by Trevor Burbank and Jason Wen, aims to educate children and their communities through a unique cultural exchange: original stories, jointly created by locals and Teach Twice, are turned into children's books that are sold online. Profits are used to support education and schools for the country where the book was created.
Teach Twice is now selling the book, My Precious Name - the sweet story of a Ugandan boy, who has a special nickname that he loves. What happens when his aunt cannot get it right? Read the book to find out. [Source:  Teach Twice]

Cut to the chase here: teachtwice.org

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