Safe Sex is a Universal Right

L. condoms protect and empower

Jun 25, 2012

The L. company motto (Image from the L. website)

An estimated 33 million people are affected by AIDS worldwide. In 2010, around 1.2 million died from AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa, by far the most infected region in the world. The fatal disease can be prevented, and it doesn't take a miracle drug: just condoms. Yet in many regions of the world, condoms are not readily available nor is there a lot of information about HIV/AIDS prevention.
Enter L., a condom company that believes that safe sex is a universal right: for each L. condom purchased, one is donated to a developing country. L.’s mission extends beyond mass distribution of free condoms: the company collaborates with local organizations in an effort to to empower and educate women in Africa about the importance of protection.
L. insists on creating a high-quality, environmentally-friendly product; all of their condoms are made from sustainable, animal-free materials and delivered in 100% recyclable packaging. [Source: L.]

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