A 360° Panoramic Timelapse That Will Transport You to a Different Planet [VIDEO]

German photographer Jonas Ginter used 6 GoPro cameras to create this trippy 1-minute masterpiece

Sep 4, 2014

While creative folks have been making spherical panorama photos, commonly referred to as Tiny Planets, for some years, German photographer Jonas Ginter has upped the game by creating a video version. Inspired by those still 360° panoramic photographs, Jonas spent two years perfecting a contraption that would allow him to make a 3D moving version. Experimenting with mirrors and screwing cameras on a turntable, he realized the only way to achieve his dream would be to use several cameras simultaneously in order to capture all the angles at once. Equipped with 6 GoPro Hero 3 cameras and a structure he made from a 3D printer to support them, Jonas got to work on filming himself on a bike and in his car.
The result is a one-minute timelapse masterpiece that gives the impression he is gliding on the very tip of a mini-planet. To add to the surreal yet stunning effect, Jonas added a funky soundtrack which transports viewers to a different world. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! 

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