What Good Would You Do with £1,000?

An anonymous billionaire asks the question

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Food donation.

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Wearelucky is the story gallery of individuals, all randomly picked and given a £1,000 each to do good.
The philanthropist is an anonymous person, who suddenly came into a stupendous amount of money. Instead of taking a luxury, once-in-a-lifetime trip to outer space, as he originally planned, he decided to pay it forward - giving away £1,000 every day.
You have to be lucky to be a chosen recipient. There are neither rules nor applications; the only condition is that you do something positive with the money. 
Flipping through the stories on Wearelucky unravels a treasure trove of good-doing ideas with a personal flair: the kind-hearted decisions range from donating to a charity to splitting the amount between two aspiring professionals. One woman decided to take to social work studies, while another showed gratitude to her son’s teacher
Nifty design, inspiring stories and true-to-heart kindness make Wearelucky a true gem. [Source: Wearelucky]

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