Books and the City

ReLIT NY revives literacy in the Big Apple

Image by Flickr user Patrick Gage

What do you do with unwanted books? Some leave them to collect dust in the bookshelf, others place them in the recycling bins outside their doorstep, or even throw them in the garbage can without thinking twice about it.
ReLIT NY has a different solution: giving books away to random passersby on the street, for free - you are free to keep them or give them back, if and whenever you want.
So if you call New York home, you may have stumbled across these total strangers hollering, "Free books!" just outside your subway station. It’s completely safe to pick up a book, no questions asked. You may also drop off old books at any of the book drop sites or even join the ReLIT crew of givers. [Source:  ReLIT NY]

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