Take a Stand and Brand

A fresh visual language rebrands the teaching profession

Feb 2, 2012

(MaDedee / Shutterstock.com)

We’re always on the lookout for even the slightest glimmer of coolness in education and teaching. The more accessible and enticing, the better. But even we were surprised by a recent work masterminded by the folks at Hyperakt: creating a new visual language for teaching. The result gives this age-old, much underrated profession the contemporary feel and uncontested appeal it merits. The result of a collaboration with podcast kingdom Studio 360, the visual language created by Hyperakt veers far away from the images typically used to illustrated education - i.e., a blackboard, colored crayons, and photoshopped images of beautiful blond teachers smiling at beautiful blond kids - and replaces them with an of-the-moment design that reflects the multi-dimensional role of teachers. Hyperakt’s vision aims to celebrate the process of thought and learning, and their solution lies with connecting the dots - a metaphor that translates into graphics on uplifting yellow background. 
Food for thought.