A Postcard from Your Last Year Self

Timehop sends digital mementos from the past

Image by Flickr user robayre

In an era of constant digital sharing, the story of our life is captured in posts, tweets, status updates, Instagram snapshots, Foursquare check-ins and text messages. These are the digital particles of our history, and they are carelessly strewn in umpteen channels, accessible via numerous devices and unlocked with a slew of user-password combinations.
Enter Timehop, a web app that gives your digital content the honor it deserves. A daily mail service, Timehop scans a variety of digital channels, and sends you a daily email with the findings: a summary of the content you produced exactly a year before that day.
Signing up to Timehop is a breeze: you log on with your Facebook account and configure other accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and your phone - for digging up historical text messages).
Co-founded by Jonathan Wegner and Benny Wong, Timehop offers a new kind of time travel. [Source: Timehop]

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