10 of the Best Volunteer Abroad Organizations

Your guide to travolunteering

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Your guide to travolunteering.


WHAT If you love travel and are passionate about planet conservation, GoEco is your resource for pairing your hobby with meaning. 
JUST CAUSE Challenged communities, wildlife and the environment.
WHERE All over the world.


WHAT A bridge year program that places graduating seniors in projects in far-flung and challenged regions. Global Citizen Year's mission is to cultivate prospective societal leaders and social entrepreneurs, giving them experience and tools to create impact. 
JUST CAUSE Various projects in challenged regions. 
WHERE Brazil, Ecuador and Senegal.

3. ONE WORLD 365

WHAT Self-described as a “directory of meaningful holidays and travel opportunities”, One World 365 offers a wide variety of volunteer and offshore temporary holiday jobs.
JUST CAUSE Various. 
WHERE Worldwide.


WHAT World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or WWOOF, is a global network of organizations that matches volunteers with organic farms worldwide. In return for volunteer work, hosts provide food and accommodation.
JUST CAUSE Organic farming. 
WHERE Worldwide.


WHAT A large variety of volunteer, work and summer camp programs is availble on Bunac, an organization that has been around the block since 1962. 
JUST CAUSE Various. 
WHERE USA, Canada, New Zealand, Ghana, Australia, Britain, China, South Africa and many more.


WHAT The American Hiking Society runs volunteer vacations in the form of trail building projects in the US. If you love the outdoors, you’ll love this opportunity to explore - volunteers enjoy backpacking or hiking tours provided by the host agency or organization. 
JUST CAUSE Building trails in public American land. 
WHERE All over the US.


WHAT A pioneer of volunteer vacations organizations, Global Volunteers was founded in 1984 - that is, long before it was a trend. It has since been recruiting short-term volunteers for various projects overseas. 
JUST CAUSE Projects for the benefit and welfare of children and youth. 
WHERE All over the world.


WHAT Go Voluntouring is a user-friendly search engine for volunteer abroad projects culled from a variety of organizations.
JUST CAUSE Categories include Community Development, Environment & Wildlife, Learn Abroad, Teach & Coach Overseas and Women & Youth. 
WHERE Worldwide. 


WHAT Projects Abroad one of the more large-scale volunteer abroad organzations out there; it matches volunteers with a tremendous range of projects worlwide. According to their website, they cater to volunteers aged from 16 to 75; as it turns out, there's a growing interest in volunteer abroad projects among retirees and career breakers. 
JUST CAUSE A variety of projects from archeology and building to sports and medicine. 
WHERE Worldwide.


WHAT GeoVisions offers opportunities for volunteering abroad alongside paid English teaching and au-pair gigs. 
JUST CAUSE Various. 
WHERE Worldwide.