4 Facebook Challenges that Flood Your News Feed With Good Vibes [LIST]

From 100 Happy Days to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, these initiatives harness social media engagement to spread awareness for worthy causes.

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Social media is all about the power of the masses – putting us in touch with friends and friends of friends of friends in the virtual world of cyberspace. And the viral nature of the medium is such that when something catches on, it really takes over. While there are some things we might tire of seeing – acquaintances' babies, for example, or photos of food – these five stellar initiatives took off because of their power to effect positive impact. Whether it's one "Like," a stream of comments or a thousand shares, posts on these Facebook challenges harness user engagement to spread awareness for worthy causes - a welcome addition to any News Feed.


LIKE: This smiley initiative believes that the ability to be in the moment, to appreciate yourself and the world around you – right now – is the key to long term happiness. The 100 Happy Days plan to bring this wisdom to life is easy – just share a photo of something that makes you happy, every day for 100 days. Participants pick a medium – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler or even Email, fill in a few simple details and then run the campaign themselves. 
COMMENT: The sentiment of being in the moment is simple and powerful – in fact centuries of mindfulness-based spiritual traditions have preached the same views. Participants in this mindful challenge say that noticing what makes them happy every day lifted their overall mood and helped them realize how lucky they are – and some even reported falling in love during their 100 Happy Days!
SHARE: On top of participating in the 100 Happy Days, those inspired by the initiative can join the community by volunteering even two hours a week. From event organizers and app developers to artists and copy writers, this bubbling crew is inclusive and happy for any extra hands on deck.


LIKE: Talk about a success story! The ALS Association's Ice Bucket Challenge has raised awareness across the world for the previously obscure neurodegenerative disease – and not to mention over $113.3 million in donations since July 2014. The now-famous campaign started organically in the sporting world, by people who were personally impacted by the disease.
COMMENT: We've all seen Facebook feed posts of famous people dumping buckets of ice water on their heads – but did you know that ALS stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis? Read up on this and 8 other things you should know about the viral challenge.
SHARE: The Ice Bucket Challenge wasn't the ALS Association's first creative fundraising idea. The nonprofit also raises money for research with the One Dollar Difference event program, and the annual Walk to Defeat ALS.


LIKE: This spontaneous initiative began in March in the UK, and continues with no official end date in sight. To take part in this Facebook challenge, women snap pictures of themselves without makeup to raise money for cancer research charities.
COMMENT: The campaign was an instant hit, raising 8 million pounds ($14 million) in under a week.
SHARE: The No Makeup Selfie is a classic viral social media initiative – women nominate friends and family to post personal selfies on their Facebook feeds - spreading awareness - and at the same time send a text message to donate money for cancer research.


LIKE: Unlike the first three Facebook challenges on this list, the gratitude challenge spreads good will for the sake of it – without raising money or awareness for any cause. Participants commit to posting a status every day for a week, listing three things that they're thankful for that day. They also nominate a friend to keep spreading the gratitude.  
COMMENT: Just like 100 Happy Days, this initiative helps people to look around and find the things they're happy about – whether it's family and friends, good coffee or an awesome yoga class.  
SHARE: Think you could do with a gratitude boost yourself? No need to wait for a nomination! Get started and post three things you're thankful for today, and spread the good vibes – just for the sake of it.

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