4 Snow Day Activities That Spread Good Vibes [LIST]

Creative ideas for indoor fun.

Feb 5, 2015
Snow heart

Spreading the love - from inside (Shutterstock)

With much of the Northern Hemisphere covered in snow this month, getting out and about is in short supply. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, expand your mind and enjoy good food with your loved ones! Whether you’re inside with friends or family or all alone, these ideas will help you do more than just pass the time - you’ll be spreading good vibes every which way.


ACTIVITY: Start an online book club
There’s nothing quite like curling up with a good book - and discussing it afterwards with good friends. Use the internet to your advantage to start an online book club - using a simple Facebook group, or a dedicated forum such as Goodreads Groups - and turn a usually solitary hobby into virtual fun with friends. These lists of inspirational books and fun classics will give your book club some good ideas of where to start.   
TIME FACTOR: As much time as you have to spend
EQUIPMENT: Just a book, e-reader or tablet - and perhaps a cup of tea and a blanket.

Books and tea for snow day

Book, check! Tea, check! Blanket, check! (Shutterstock)


ACTIVITY: Hold your own mini movie marathon
Any snow day is sure to include some screen time - why not up the goodness factor by tuning into Good TV? The selection of short, uplifting videos will appeal to good-doers of all shapes and sizes. This thought-provoking, snowy clip on using mindfulness practice to excel in sport could be a nice place to start.
TIME FACTOR: Just five minutes or hours on end
EQUIPMENT: Your computer, tablet or phone - or a full home cinema setup if you’ve got it!


ACTIVITY: Catching up on your correspondence
Think back to the last time you received a long letter from a faraway friend or family member - you loved it, right? Time to return the good vibes. Write yourself a list of a few people you’d like to get back in touch with, and take the time to cross them off the list one by one this winter - handwritten or by email. Kids can get in on the letter-writing action too - to whatever extent they’re able. Your aunt on the other side of the country will love to receive her very own hand drawn picture along with your letter!
TIME FACTOR: Half an hour per letter
EQUIPMENT: A pen and paper or computer

Stationary set for snow day letter-writing

Time to bust out the old stationary set (Shutterstock)


ACTIVITY: Host an indoor picnic
Bring the outdoor spirit to your living room by holding a feast on the floor. You can raid your pantry for a snack-style affair, or make a full meal if you’re up for it. These healthy meal ideas all ready in under 30 minutes are a great place to start. For extra good vibes, invite the neighbors for a potluck picnic -  just the thing to warm up your house on a chilly snow day.
TIME FACTOR: About an hour for preparation then hours of fun on the floor
EQUIPMENT: Your kitchen, a nice patch of floor, and perhaps a picnic rug just for fun.  

Indoor picnic for snow day

Make your picnic as fancy or as casual as you like (Shutterstock)