Bolt Against Past 100m Gold Medalists

Shedding light on the 100m run [VIDEO]

Aug 13, 2012


Bolt Against Past 100m Gold Medalists | Shedding light on the 100m run [VIDEO]

The Olympic Games drew to a close yesterday - August 12 - and they were, as always, full of exciting moments and amazing achievements. 
The New York Times sheds light on one of the most popular races in the Olympics - the 100-meter-run - this year won by Usain Bolt with 9.63 seconds. Posing a What If question, the New York Times asks: what if Bolt raced against every other gold medalist in the history of the Olympic Games since they started in 1896 - including luminaries such as Carl Lewis, Jim Hines and Thomas Burke.
The stunning interactive inforaphic, created by Kevin Quealy and Graham Roberts, answers the question with suprising facts and stats. 

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