The Bottle for Planet Lovers

Bamboo Bottle adds merges nature with style


Image from Bamboo Bottle

We've seen countless plastic bottles, aluminum bottles and glass bottle, but we have not encountered a bottle made of bamboo, so Bamboo Bottle caught us by surprise. 
Determined to produce a bottle that is environment-friendly, Bamboo Bottle created a super stylish container for cold and hot drinks. Bamboo Bottles include an inner glass insert - which accounts for the fresh, lucid flavor - and they are encased in a cylinder-shaped coat made from bamboo. Bamboo Bottle company states that bamboo grows extremely fast, and the process of its harvest does not hinder its regrowth. In other words, bamboo is available by the handfuls and then some. Bamboo also replenishes the air, emitting 35% more oxygen than other tree strands. 
Indeed, the bottle does include some plastic particles - the top and the bottom - yet Bamboo Bottle goes the extra mile to produce an eco product. Its nifty design adds an extra touch. [Source: Bamboo Bottle]

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