Changing Lives One Bike at a Time

Bicycles for Humanity give the gift of mobility


(Kateryna Tsygankova /

“Liberation,” that is how one African woman describes receiving a bike from Bicycles for Humanity (B4H). The grassroots movement donates bicycles to people in underdeveloped areas of Africa, providing access to important resources such as water, hospitals and schools. The sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation changes people’s lives by eliminating the burden of hour long journeys by foot. Everyday tasks and necessities are now easier, creating a better run community that can accomplish more with the gift of faster mobility.
B4H helps local chapters organize shipments of Bicycle Empowerment Centers (BEC) to communities in need. Each BEC is like a bicycle shop in a box, complete with 300-400 bikes, tools, spare parts and an extensive training in bicycle repair and maintenance.  
The volunteer run operation is dedicated to improving the lives of everyday people, one bike at a time.  [Source: Bicycles for Humanity]

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