Screen City

Urbanflow aspires to create interaction between Helsinki and its residents

Street in Helsinki.

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Urbanflow, “an operating system for cities”, is  a visionary project whose goal is to make Helsinki more accessible and enjoyable for both residents and visitors, by use of a cross-city network of massive touch screens.
Urabnflow points out that while an array of orientation apps and services are available for cities worldwide, it’s usually tourists - not residents - who use them. Most notably, these apps are not equipped with massive screens that dot the cityscape. Urbanflow aspires to provide city dwellers access to a network of interactive screens strewn across town, easily connected to handsets and at-home computers, with all info about the city - from directions to the museum’s opening hours through to a broken traffic light and even the rate of energy consumption in particular areas.
Urbanflow’s masterminds say, “It’ll happen somewhere - let’s make it happen here.”
Check out this video for more information.
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