Up We Go

Jawbone’s smart tracking system makes sure you live a healthy life

Running by the river.

(AstroStar / shutterstock.com)

Regular physical movement, nutritional diet and quality sleep are the three components of a healthy life. We know that, but we forget, or we get sidetracked, or we’re too lazy or too busy to care for ourselves. UP comes to the rescue.
Created by Jawbone, UP is a system that tracks your daily activity in all three aspects - movement, eating and sleeping - by use of a pretty cool-looking wristband and an app. The folks at Jawbone go the extra mile with a series of challenges posted to their website (like, do at least 30 minutes of activity 5 times a week or climb 10,000 steps in 10 days) - UP will help you accomplish them.
So, are you ready to move UP?  

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