The Secondhand Marketplace Goes Mobile

EggDrop: platform for community transactions

Second hand goods.

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People have been buying and selling second hand items to one another for a while now. The informal market has thrived via media channels - first, classifieds in newspapers, then the web-based reincarnations such as Craigslist and others. Now - it's the era of the mobile phone. EggDrop is a marketplace for second hand goods geared for mobile phones.
Created by EggCartel, EggDrop aspires to eliminate the hassle and reduces the unknowns in buying used furniture and other items. Browsable both on the web and via the smartphone (the app is available both for Android and iPhone), EggDrop features items available in a particular area, complete with an image and a Google Map location of the seller. Interaction between seller and potential buyer are easily conducted via the app, as instant messaging eliminates the need to disclose email addresses and phone numbers. [Source: EggDrop]

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