5 Awesome Websites for Meeting Awesome People

Make friends, connect, network and socialize

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WHAT Over 12,000 people have already joined Krrb, an online platform for selling, buying and meeting people from your community. Krrb facilitates contact between sellers and buyers in Craigslist style, though the website doesn't field sale transactions, thus keeping true to their mission: to enable face-to-face interaction with your neighbors.
GOOD FOR Friendly second-hand aficionados.
LOCATION Big cities and small towns in the US.

WHAT Self described as a social dining network, Grubwithus connects individuals through social meal experiences at restaurants: users reserve a spot at the restaurant event of their choice, prepay and feast - with newfound pals. When you sign up for the service, you can select 5 topics of interest from a list (such as Rock Music, Technology, Food or Over Forty) to help the Grubwithus folks match you up with others who share your hobbies.   
GOOD FOR Outgoing, open-minded foodies.
LOCATION Numerous cities in the US and some major spots elsewhere in the world.

WHAT Let’s Meet and Work shines a social light for the London-based, lonely freelancer: locals share recommendations about places to work at - cafes, museums, libraries - plus offer to meet and chat between hectic strikes on the keyboard. All hot spots are marked on a Google Map of London - an easy-breezy way to make friends and business contacts.
GOOD FOR Freelancers who don’t work in an office.

Creative Mornings is a global network of professional lecture series for creatives hosted in local chapters worldwide. Dubbed “TED's naughty little sister”, Creative Mornings is a great channel for sharing knowledge, do some networking - or simply meet awesome people.
GOOD FOR Creative professionals.
LOCATION 29 cities all over the world.   

WHAT The mega powerhouse of face-to-face get-togethers, Meetup is a platform where people form groups that meet in order to generate change via collaborative thinking, joint innovation or simply common interests. You can find a meetup or start one; all the preliminaries take place online, yet the meetup is a completely offline event.
GOOD FOR Curious folks bent on making a change.    
LOCATION Worldwide.

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