5 Best Hacks to Care for Houseplants in the Spring

Tips on how to nurture your indoor plants when the weather is warm.


Houseplants thriving from warm weather care.

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Now that the weather is warmer, plants are waking up from their winter dormancy, and they will begin to grow again as the days get longer. That’s why indoor plants need some tender loving care and feeding at the beginning of the warm seasons according to Get Busy Gardening.

You can make this transition easier on your green friends by following these five hacks to ensure that you are giving your houseplants all the care they need to grow and thrive in the Spring. You don’t even need a green thumb!

Repot Houseplants

As your green plants wake up, they are starting to stretch and produce new growth. This is the perfect time to repot your houseplants and give them room to grow according to a Pitsils Nursery blog. This will also reduce the risk of root rot. Keep in mind that plants prefer to be kept slightly root bound and don’t freak them out by putting them in a pot that has a diameter of 1-2 inches larger than the old pot.

If it sounds complicated, its really not. Here is an easy to follow  video tutorial by University of Illinois Extension horticulturist Jim Schmid on how to repot houseplants even if you are a novice plant parent.

Repot your indoor plants in the Spring.

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Move Plants Away From Heat

Now is the time to move your indoor plants away from the sunny windows they needed during the cold weather months. That’s because the heat can burn sensitive plants, especially those located by a south facing window according to Get Busy Gardening.

You can tell that your plants are getting over exposed to sunlight if the leaves are turning white or brown. Then just move them further away from the window. If you bring your houseplants outside for the season, make sure you make a gradual change and put them in a place where there is shade from sun. After all, plants can’t put sunscreen on like we can.

Move houseplants away from sunny windows.

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Spring Clean

Spring is the time to spruce up your plants the same way you do your home. Washing and dusting the leaves helps your plants thrive according to the blog. That’s because dust that accumulates on leaves blocks sunlight from reaching them and this inhibits photosynthesis.

To clean the leaves, support the underside, and gently wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Clean both sides of the leaves. Some people actually take their plants into the bathroom and give them a gentle shower but be careful not to overwater and never shower cacti of succulents.

Clean indoor plants leaves when the weather turns warm.

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Water frequently

Since your houseplants are growing, they need more water than they did during the dormant season. Just increase the frequency of watering to keep the soil evenly moist according to Get Busy Gardening. Start checking your plants and water when the soil begins to feel dry. if the soil feels moist, the plant doesn’t need to be watered. You can check out this DIY video on how to tell if your plants need water.

Water your indoor plants more frequently.

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Feed Your Plants

Spring is the time when all plants say “feed me!” Start slowly since your plants are just waking up. So if you are using liquid fertilizer, start with a one-quarter dose, move to a half, and then increase to full strength in the summer. Buy a good quality organic liquid or stick fertilizer or you can make your own from compost or coffee grounds.

Plants need fertilizer in the spring.

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