5 Best Movies to Watch With Your Dad

These movies offer great bonding time with your father.



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Get the popcorn ready and set aside some special bonding time with dad. Watching a moving film together will help you take a step back from the rest of the world and share some meaningful moments with your dad. Watching a movie with your dad is the perfect father’s day activity! Here are our top 5 selections for films that will make you laugh and make you cry and at the end of the day they will also help you reconnect and create new memories with your father.

Cheaper By The Dozen

The endearingly chaotic yet funny movie Cheaper by the Dozen, starring the gifted Steve Martin as college football coach Tom Baker, depicts his life as a parent juggling his job and  raising his twelve kids. The film deftly examines the difficulties, rewards, and unexpected experiences that arise in a home where there is a lot of love and diversity. Cheaper by the Dozen will make you think about the value of family and the power that comes from unity with its endearing humor and poignant moments.

The Lion King

The beloved masterpiece The Lion King, a Disney cartoon classic, has won the hearts of viewers of all ages. The story of a young lion prince who will one day become king, is told in this moving film. The Lion King teaches about the inevitable circle of life and the journey from child to man that is full of bravery,compassion and love. The music and unforgettable animated scenery and characters make this movie so special. It serves as a reminder that a father's love and wisdom will always stay with you, even after they're gone.

Daddy Day Care

The amusing and endearing movie Daddy Day Care, starring Eddie Murphy, follows the exploits of two fathers who find themselves opening a daycare center after losing their jobs. Murphy's charming and vivacious performance makes the audience laugh and adds a touch of genuineness to the film. The pair learns the pleasures and benefits of building relationships with the kids in their care as they negotiate the difficulties of running a daycare service. Daddy Day Care is an enjoyable and inspiring movie about the strength of love and the human spirit. 

Father of the Bride

The charming comedy Father of the Bride, starring the talented Steve Martin, transports viewers on an emotional rollercoaster as they experience the mayhem and hilarity that occur when a devoted father's world is flipped upside down by his daughter's imminent wedding. Martin's superb comic timing in the movie make for both funny and touching scenes. The narrative masterfully conveys the understandable angst and emotional journey of a parent dealing with the realities of his daughter growing up and starting a new chapter in her life. Father of the Bride is a timeless movie that beautifully embraces the challenges and rewards of fatherhood thanks to its endearing characters, funny language, and relatable family dynamics.


Ted Danson plays both a father and a son as John Tremont in the touching movie Dad, a successful businessman who is forced to reevaluate his priorities when his ailing elderly father, played by Jack Lemmon, develops a serious illness. The emotional journey of a son coming to terms with his own death and the nuanced complexities of his connection with his father are masterfully captured in Danson's portrayal. The delicate themes of love, forgiveness, and the tragic reality of life's transience are all beautifully explored in the movie. This moving drama serves as a reminder of the value of familial ties and the transformational potential of compassion thanks to Danson's subtle acting and the emotional storytelling.