5 Best Sourdough Discard Recipes to Try

Enjoy these easy, delicious and nutritious recipes.


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Have you tried sourdough bread yet? How about baking sourdough at home? Whether you are a baker, a DIYer, a newbie to the kitchen or a full fledged homesteader and sourdough pro, what to do with sourdough discard is a problem for all. You don’t want to be wasteful, but you want the sourdough to stay alive and fed. Thankfully, there are many recipes and options for what to do with the discard so that you are not only being careful not to be wasteful but also enjoying delicious foods in the process. Keep this handy so you can keep making these five recipes over and over again.

Sourdough pancakes
One of the most delicious ways to start your morning is with some sweet and fluffy pancakes. Sourdough pancakes are known to be some of the most delicious pancakes ever, with lots of ways to make them. Tastes of Lizzi has this easy recipe on her blog. You will enjoy the extra fluff and texture, taste and health benefits that the sourdough discard adds to this breakfast classic.

Sourdough English muffins
You don’t have to be British to enjoy some good, old fashioned English muffins. This bread can be enjoyed during breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a snack, and they are easier to make than you may think. Check out this King Arthur Baking company’s recipe and use up 1 full cup of sourdough discard. You can even use more if you choose to double or triple the batch, while you’re at it. Enjoy while warm with some butter and tea!

Sourdough pie crust
Did you know you could make your own pie crust from scratch with sourdough discard? Check out this easy recipe by Little Spoon Farm that uses pantry staples and no complicated ingredients. You can use pie crusts for sweet dishes like apple pie or savory quiches as well. 

Sourdough blueberry muffins
Another great option is muffins, which can be made with berries, other fruit or with vegetables like carrots or zucchini. This recipe by The Gingered Whisk  blog is a great option, especially when you have a lot of sourdough discard to use. You and your family can enjoy these delicious treats any time of day and night, and reap the benefits of the good for you bacteria.

Sourdough pasta
Have you ever tried making homemade pasta? If you've been on the fence, the holiday season might be a great time to start. You can take advantage of the holiday sales to get new tools and utensils for this fun project. Who doesn't love some warm and cheese pasta dish on a cold winter night? So if you have some sourdough discard and don’t know what to make with it, go ahead and give this recipe from The Gingered Whisk a try. Who knows, perhaps you’ll become a homemade pasta pro. 

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