5 Best Wildlife Projects

These organizations and businesses help animals around the world!

Wild animals in Africa.

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People, nonprofit organizations, and businesses are coming together to protect the world’s wildlife in new and exciting ways. This global community of conservationists look at wildlife conservancy from new angles, including  preserving wild habitats, monitoring animal populations, education and raising awareness, as well as influencing policy.

Check out these five conservation projects making a huge difference in saving the wildlife populations around the world. But you can join the efforts too.  By learning and raising awareness, you can make a difference in protecting the world’s wildlife

Collecting images to map, monitor, and protect wildlife 

Protecting wildlife starts with understanding what’s going on, and Wildlife Insights aims to do just that. This global conservation project collects images of animals around the world and uses this data to better monitor and manage wildlife populations. This type of data-driven conservation analyzes how people can more effectively protect wildlife and leverage that data to influence policy. The organization’s project consists of over 14 million camera traps worldwide, plus anyone can upload their photos to contribute. Wildlife Insights is supported by Google in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, Map of Life, and The Zoological Society of London. 

Raising awareness about the ocean’s mammals

Whales live up to their size, playing a huge role in the world’s ecosystem. You wouldn’t guess it, but whales matter a lot when it comes to keeping the earth cool; their iron-rich poo feeds the oceans’ phytoplankton, which remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reported BBC News.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation works to protect these beloved marine mammals. They raise awareness and encourage policymakers, particularly around issues such as whale and dolphin captivity, whaling, and the impact of fishing nets on populations.

Killer whales in a protected marine space.

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Conserving wild animal habitats in North America and worldwide

Saving animal populations means protecting their homes. The Wilderness Society founded their 30 x 30 movement, designed to protect 30 percent of animal land and water habitat in the United States by the year 2030. On top of that, they are teaming up with global partners to protect 30 percent of the world’s wild areas so animals and plants have a place to thrive. The Wilderness Society has more than 1 million members and supporters contributing to the cause.

Supporting the world’s wildlife nonprofits 

You might think of Disney for their groundbreaking animation films or world-renowned undefined. This multinational media company is doing wonders to support and recognize global conservation efforts. Celebrating over 25 years of conservation efforts, the Disney Conservation Fund has raised over $100 million for nonprofit organizations that work to save wildlife and protect the planet. Their Disney Conservation Heroes recognize the hard work of 20 leaders and teams each year who have contributed their time to protecting the worlds’ animal life.

this majestic lion's habitat is being conserved.

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Raising awareness through filmmaking

Celebrated British naturalist Sir David Attenborough has dedicated over six decades of his life to understanding and appreciating animal life on earth. His film and education projects have played a crucial role in raising awareness about animal conservation. David Attenborough’s organization teams up with schools and communities to help educate on how to restore and protect nature, through workshops, film screenings, and discussions.

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