5 Brainy Benefits of Playing Word Board Games

Playing word games is more than just fun!

Playing Scrabble is good for your brain.

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With the popularity of online board games like Wordle, it’s time to revisit the old standard word board games that people know and love. These games are more than just fun to play, they come with some amazing brain benefits too.

The most popular word board game is Scrabble. The game was first created in 1938 by Alfred Mosher Butts, according to the organization Words With Letters, and it was originally called Lexicon. The rights to the game were purchased in 1948 by James Brunot who’s improved version – called Scrabble – became one of the most-loved games by people around the world.

The game has gone through multiple versions and is available in 31 different version including a Braille version. Whether you enjoy the travel edition, the deluxe with a built-in turntable, Scrabble JR or the classic board, Scrabble is a sure winner.

While some of the mental benefits of playing word games are obvious like  enriching vocabulary and spelling ability, other brain benefits can also be reaped by playing these games. Check out these five brainy benefits of playing word games.

Could increase your focus
With texts, tweets, and multi-tasking,  people’s attention spans have gotten much shorter, according to Meeple Mountain. This leaves little time to focus or concentrate on one thing at a time. Playing word games like Scrabble requires you to focus on the board and to strategize your next move in advance. Training your brain to focus will help you in school or work.

Aids memory
Training your brain with word games helps to improve short-term memory and cognitive ability. This will actually make your brain more efficient when dealing with challenges. This benefits children and senior adults too. In fact, word games can actually help seniors avoid memory loss and possibly even delay the onset of dementia according to WebMD.

Helps with emotional well-being
You can help boost your self confidence while playing Scrabble by writing complicated words and scoring double and triple words. It doesn’t even matter whether you actually win the game, according to Words With letters. Scrabble also brings out people’s creative side as they come up with words and look for places to put them on the board. One of the brain benefits of being creative according to Medical News Today is improved mental health and emotional well-being.

May Boost Your Mood
Since Scrabble makes you feel more positive about yourself, this can make you happier and this will release endorphins – the feel-good hormones – which can reduce stress and anxiety. Words With letters explained that these positive feelings may help ward off depression and may actually help make you healthier too.

Stay socially connected
In these challenging and stressful times, staying connected with your loved ones is really important. Social connections keep your mind sharp and helps you to see things from other people’s perspectives, according to Meeple Mountain. One of the ways to stay connected is by playing games regularly with your family and friends. So dig out the  Scrabble board, order in some pizza, and enjoy a game night  soon.

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