5 Destinations to Visit Solo

Where to go to get away from it all.


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Traveling with friends and family is great, but sometimes traveling alone can be even better. Solo travel provides the opportunity to throw oneself into a new culture, to set the pace for sightseeing, and take charge of one’s own adventure. Condé Nast Traveller predicts that 2023 will be the year of solo travel. 

Here are five places you won’t regret traveling to alone in 2023.

Hike the glaciers alone in Iceland

Travel + Leisure reports that Iceland was ranked as the world’s most peaceful country by the Global Peace Index. That means there’s no need to bring along a group for safety while exploring Iceland’s beautiful and unique scenery. Iceland brags caverns, volcanoes, glaciers, spas, whale watching, diving, and a host of other natural attractions. According to Timeout, Iceland’s culture is friendly and thoughtful, so solo travelers can stave off loneliness by making friends with the locals, while giving themselves the space to enjoy Iceland’s tranquil landscapes alone. 

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Ride the Shinkansen solo in Japan

Japan has an organized and self-sufficient culture, making the country optimized for solo travel. For example, public transportation in Japan is efficient and user friendly. Travel blogger Alyssa Ramos tells Travel + Leisure why Japan is her favorite country to go it alone in. 

"Out of the 105 countries I've traveled to, I still say that Japan has been my favorite for solo female travel," Ramos explains. "My decision is majorly based on the way I'm treated and how comfortable I feel being alone. In Japan, most people are extremely polite, and if not, they at least mind their own business. No one stares, no one questions if or why you're alone, and it's normal to see women eating or on public transportation alone. In fact, there's even a specific women's-only overnight bus."

Japan boasts a number of unique sights, like Tokyo’s temples and skyscrapers, the scenic bullet train, and, in the springtime, its iconic cherry blossoms. 

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Tour the outback by yourself in Australia

According to Condé Nast Traveller, Australia is a great place to travel solo. The wide open country boasts vast road and rail systems. This means that travelers who rent a car have the time and space to explore the country at their own pace. Those who prefer a more planned itinerary can see the outback while traveling North to South on the luxury Ghan train. Australia also has an East-West transcontinental route that can bring solo travelers to the sites and sounds of Australia’s big east coast cities and its Great Barrier Reef.

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Swim solo on the beaches in Greece

Timeout recommends that solo travelers explore the picturesque beaches and islands off the coast of Greece. Lone travelers will enjoy the beautiful sites and delicious foods. Not to mention that some islands are full of attractions, and socializing opportunities that can appeal to a lonely solo traveler. Others are havens of quiet solitude, where solo travelers can get away from the noise and bustle.

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Dive into the local culture by yourself in Mexico

Travel + Leisure cites travel blogger, Ciara Johnson, who had her all-time favorite solo adventure in Mexico. Johnson shares what she loved about the Central American nation, 

"People might be surprised to discover that my favorite country for solo travel is Mexico. I've spent months backpacking the region and there is so much to discover. From swimming with whale sharks to swimming in cenotes to exploring ancient Mayan ruins, there is no shortage of things to do and see." According to Johnson, Mexico’s travel and backpacking infrastructure is user friendly, making it ideal to tour alone. Not to mention that it’s packed with culture, food, and friendly locals. 

The world is loaded with amazing sights: natural vistas, fascinating cultures, and places to explore, learn, and experience. If you want to go it alone for 2023 vacationing, you are guaranteed to have a unique experience, no matter where you choose to travel

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