5 DIY Furniture Makeovers

Beautify your home by repurposing and upcycling.



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With warm days here, it’s time for some spring cleaning. The key is not to throw anything out before looking at it anew! With fresh eyes, you can transform an old piece of furniture or broken item into a fun, unique, and repurposed object. 

While cleaning out the basement, garage, and attic, you may find some outdated pieces, or worn out, broken furniture. Using a bit of creativity and ingenuity, upcycle and repurpose those items, then invite them back into the home or garden. 

Before tossing, think again. Here are five DIY ways to give throwaway items a new life while saving money and reducing waste.

Turn a coffee table into a mudroom bench

Go ahead – cut a piece of furniture into two and see what you get!  The 320 Sycamore blog, suggests taking an old coffee table, cutting it into two pieces lengthwise, then connecting them together end-to-end. 

Add a bright and fresh coat of paint, then place it along a wall in the mudroom. You can conveniently use the open space underneath to store shoes.  Or place matching wicker baskets inside to neatly store items. The wall area above can then be used to hang coats, bags, and umbrellas.

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Make a window shutter into a mail organizer

Transform an old shutter into a beautiful, vintage looking piece, recommends the Craftsy Hacks blog. Paint it and hang it on the wall, adding a few hooks for keys. The piece will also serve as nice yet functional wall decor.

The secret to creating a vintage look is the paint. Sand down the shutter to remove old layers of paint and refresh it with a strong color. Craftsy Hacks suggests using royal blue, pastel pink, or purple. Sand down the edges of the last paint layer, hang, and enjoy!

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Create a bench from old chairs

Time to head outdoors! A unique bench can be created from two broken chairs, suggests the blog Design Pab. Simply take the back frame of two chairs and face them together at the desired length. The former chair backs now become the arm rests. Create a frame from wood, add planks, and paint. 

Or, take a few unmatched chairs and sit them side-by-side, recommends Craftsy Hacks. Add planks along the length and paint. To make this a real conversation piece, paint the old chair backs different colors and give them the vintage treatment by sanding them. This repurposed piece can be placed outside, in an office, or in a hallway.

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Repurpose a tire into an ottoman

Found an old and forgotten tire in the back of the garden? Look at it with fresh eyes. A bit of cleaning and some twine can transform it into an ottoman, suggests Single Girl’s DIY blog. This DIY project helps reduce landfill waste, saves money, and adds beauty to the home. 

Simply scrub and clean the tire and cut two round, plywood pieces to affix to the top and bottom of the tire. Using nylon rope, sisal, or marine rope, coil the rope from the center and glue it. For the tire rim, twist and glue the rope. If you seal the rope, the ottoman can be used indoors and out.

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Create shelves out of almost anything!

Before you throw anything out, think about how it could look hanging on the wall. Architecture Art Designs offers an amazing collection of unique shelving ideas. From drums to skateboards, and skis to old hat boxes, there is a new purpose for everything. 

Likewise, place shelves across an old door, or add a shelf to the top of an old window frame. Look at your junk as an opportunity, grab some bright paint, and have fun. Plus, this shelf recreation is functional as books, photographs, and art can be displayed on it.

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