4 Dynamic Resources that Make Recycling a Snap [LIST]

Inspired ways to effectively get rid of trash in an environmentally friendly way

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Recycling is a concept that most people are familiar with and are starting to practice on a more consistent basis. To encourage more folks to keep our planet clean, here are five inspired ways to effectively get rid of trash in an environmentally friendly way.

WHAT: An initiative founded by the Basel Action Network, to properly recycle e-waste in an environmentally responsible manner.
HOW: Old phones and electronic doodads can be dangerous if not disposed of in the right way, and e-Stewards Certification is a global program that certifies electronics recyclers, refurbishers and processors to dispose of e-waste while adhering to high standards of environmental responsibility and worker protection. Businesses in the public and private sector have jumped on board by using only e-Steward certified recycling services, but individuals can also get their recycling on by easily locating e-Stewards Recyclers in their area.

WHAT: An automated e-waste recycling station that pays cash for old electronics.
HOW: A touch-screen test station examines your device, and makes you an offer based on a search of the international market. If you agree to sell, you get cash on the spot or have the option of donating the money to a range of causes provided by ecoATM. 

WHAT: An app available on iPhone and Android to find local and convenient recycling choices while you’re on the go.
HOW: By entering your ZIP code, address or city, iRecycle gives users detailed info for collection points to properly recycle anything. The fast acting app created by Earth911 provides access to more than 1,600,000 ways to dispose of over 350 different materials in an environmentally sound way.


WHAT: 3D printed recycle bins for bottles and cans, that can be hung in public spaces.
HOW: Urban Hubs provides anyone with access to a 3D printer a file that can be downloaded for free and printed out on almost any 3D printer available. The colorful individual bins each hold a bottle or a can, which are then joined together to create a new recycling hub in a neighborhood.

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